How to Improve Your Business’ Curb Appeal

Story by IPB Industrial
April 16, 2021

Tips on enhancing the curb appeal of your business to make it more attractive for clientele

A first impression is a lasting one, especially in the business world. In many cases, we get caught up in the everyday routine of business and overlook small details that could have a big impact on the way a business is perceived. A clean and tidy business exterior is a great way to make a positive impression on customers without breaking the bank!

Just like with residential customers, we encourage our commercial and industrial property owners to maintain curb appeal – even when they are not selling. 

Simply put, the outside appearance of a property is a reliable reflection of the business on the inside. 

Tips to Enhance Curb Appeal

While beautiful beds of flowers and lush foliage are a warm welcome to customers and passers-by, a clean and neat building exterior will suffice for tasteful curb appeal.

Whether you are tight on budget or giving the building a new look, consider the tips below to enhance the curb appeal for your business.

1. Apply a fresh coat of paint.

A pretty business is a welcoming one! If the exterior of the building is showing signs of wear and tear, it’s time for a paint job. 

While this may be one of the more expensive upgrades, applying a fresh coat of paint on a regular basis will prevent the building from looking dingy or unkempt. 

In between painting, pressure washing and regular mildew maintenance will help keep the exterior fresh.

2. Fix cracked sidewalks.

Busted-up sidewalks or entranceways are total eyesores! Plus, they pose a major risk of people tripping, falling, or injuring themselves as a result. 

If the pavement in front of your business is chipped or cracked, contact your local government officials to have it repaired. In some cases, business owners are responsible for the spaces in front of their property. 

In the meantime, place cones or signs around the spaces that are particularly hazardous.

3. Invest in landscaping.

An aesthetically pleasing lawn doesn’t have to include fountains or beds of flowers. Simple foliage, evergreen shrubs, and a well-maintained lawn go a long way in the outward appearance of your business. 

While there is some investment upfront, many services offer ongoing maintenance after the landscaping installation. These services may include watering, weeding, mowing, and other lawn care options. 

4. Utilize your space for signage.

Utilizing an outdoor and indoor space is a great way to display signage. Some businesses take advantage of the opportunity and display quotes, funny jokes, and other messaging.

Whether it’s a digital or static message board, there are a few rules of thumb to follow:

  • Don’t improvise with upside-down letters or characters. It’s better to display nothing at all than a crooked, misshapen message.
  • Keep outdoor signs clean with regular care. 
  • Update the signs regularly to prevent expired and stale messaging.

If you have a street-facing window, utilize the indoor space to display products, seasonal decor, and signage. Keep the clutter to a minimum by displaying only a few items at a time.

5. Keep it clean.

Even without signs, landscaping, or fresh paint, keeping the outside of your business clean is relatively easy and inexpensive.

If budget allows, bring on an outdoor cleaning crew to maintain the parking lot and overall property. Cigarette butts, old gum, and trash around the outside of your business give the impression of a sloppy business on the inside.

It’s a lot to keep up a business, but regular maintenance checks prevent the need for major expenses and projects all at once. If you are considering selling your property or investing in a new one, give us a call.


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